Animal Transports During Heat: We Send our Info Leaflet to Over 100 Transport Companies in Europe

Heat Transport

While the heat wave keeps going in many countries across the globe, Animals' Angels writes to over 100 transport companies in Europe to give advice on how to prevent animals from heat stress – a major risk for their health and welfare.

Of course, during high temperatures animals should not be transported at all! But, unfortunately, most countries fail to ensure the EU regulation that prohibits long transport of animals above 30°C (with a tolerance of 5°C) and no EU-wide temperature limits exist for short transports up to eight hours.

Therefore, our team created a practical and illustrated flyer which shows the ‘good practices’ when transporting animals during high temperatures and how to avoid heat stress. Translated in 13 languages, we hope that the message we want to send is clear for all companies: “easy measures for you, big difference for the animals!”.