Animal Welfare in Egypt: a Bottomless pit? We are Looking for new Supporters for our Camel Project

Animals' Angels is with the animals in Egypt. We visit camel farms to collect more material for our camel project. Everywhere we are warmly and courteously welcomed and invited for tea. The helpfulness of the people here in Egypt is overwhelming.

We are all the sadder that the animals in Egypt experience so little empathy. Especially not those that are destined for slaughter. At the corner of a house, directly on a busy highway, we find four such 'slaughter' camels tied up. It is cramped and they have hardly any space. Right next to them, plastic waste is being burned. The stench is horrible. The young camel bull Moez has a festering wound on his front leg. The leg is swollen and the wound is covered with flies. No one is interested. The small slaughterhouse is across the street. Nobody seems to perceive the camels here as sentient beings - they are already considered pieces of meat.

During the drive overland we see so much misery of humans and animals that we can hardly bear it. But we do not bury our heads in the sand. In the coming days we meet with veterinarians and students who want to support our project for the camels in Egypt. According to the motto 'constant drop wears the stone' we continue in Egypt and are happy about every little ray of hope.