Austraia: Visiting Mundijong Animal Market

Animals’ Angels attend Mundijong where 17 sheep, 2 goats, several ducks, geese chickens, Approx. 6 boxes of small chicks, 4 rabbits, guinea pigs, pigeons 1 x native Pink and grey Galah, 1 x native Pink & grey Galah x Corella and several finches for sale.  It is extremely hot with the temperature reaching 40 degrees C. It is also muggy with little to no breeze.

Despite the temperature the sheep in the outside pens didn’t have water and one water container in a box of birds had fallen over and the water was lost. Some of the boxing is not appropriate because only one side allowed air to get to the animals and this was insufficient for air flow. Nearly all the birds are panting with their mouths open. We think this is a sure sign of heat stress. Two roosters are in a cage which was tied to the front of a trailer. DAFWA who are in present speaks with the man and the birds are given more shade however the birds remain in the cage for over 80 minutes against the recommendations in the Code which stipulate a maximum of 45 minutes. We shall contact the Police concerning the way the cage is tied to the trailer. It offers no protection from wind, heat, dust or road debris.