Australia: Better Handling at Mundijong Animal Market – but Some Unsuitable or Dangerous Cages Used for Poultry

Unsuitable Cages at Mundijong Animal Market

Animals‘ Angels visits the market where there are several small birds, a few guinea pigs, rabbits, 35 sheep and several poultry available for sale by auction. There are three incidents where the caging is unacceptable. In one incident the wire used to contain birds in the box is potentially unsafe, another where the wire is too low and another where the wire base of a cage is unsuitable and is potentially a danger for the birds.

Handling of the birds has improved as has the density of birds in the boxes. AA attribute that to the presence of a DPIRD Inspector over the past few sales. However, some buyers are still using boxes without airholes in which to transport their birds.

We shall report our findings to the Minister of Agriculture and the regulators.