Australia: Improvements at Katanning Saleyard – Penning Density has Reduced

Hundreds of Sheep at Saleyard in Australia

Animals’ Angels visits the facility where 14,454 sheep are for sale. Immediately we observe the penning density has reduced significantly from what it used to be. Historically, pens would be tight, with no room for sheep to move, however this visit, apart from one pen, we noted a general improvement.

Given the sheep who arrive the day before sale are usually moved into the sale pens after drafting and stay there overnight, it is far better welfare for the animals to be able to change position even if all cannot lay down at one time. 

We did not observe any sheep who are not fit to transport in sale pens. This was a very good outcome. It appears those drafting ensured they checked and removed any animals who were sick or injured before moving the others to the sale pens.

The DPIRD had been in attendance but it seems did not take action to ensure those sheep who were not fit to be transported were shot without delay. We arranged with management to shoot 10 animals.