Australia: Overcrowded Pens at Wagga Wagga Saleyard

Animals’ Angels makes a return visit to the saleyard where approximately 55000 sheep and lambs are for sale. The facility is not covered, and the temperature reaches about 32 °C.

We observe many sheep panting with an open mouth which we think is, in part, exacerbated by the high stocking densities. The sheep are likely to find thermoregulation tough. It seems there have been some attempts at reducing the stocking densities since our last visit but there are still many holding too many sheep to the point where they are trapped under other sheep.

We also identify a number of animals we believe are unfit for sale and transport in sale pens. This indicates these animals are offered for sale. If we were not present, we believe these animals would have been sold and transported. 

Long claws are also prevalent. Uncut claws can hinder mobility and cause lameness. They should have been trimmed on farm.