Australia: Sheep in Sale Pens Could Have Gotten More Room

Saleyard Australia

Animals’ Angels attend the saleyard where approximately 14000 sheep are for sale. We are looking at the space the sheep have in the sale pens. This is important as many of the sheep would have been penned in the sale pens overnight. The regulations for pens used to ‘hold’ animals are different to that of ‘sale’ pens.  Industry in WA wants to hold animals overnight in sale pens at the same space allocation as they would in sale pens on the day of sale, which means sheep held overnight may not have room to lie down (needed to ruminate) and rest.  We note there are a reasonable number of empty pens so the animals could have been given more room.

The sale pens with less animals is not due to the respect for welfare, but because there are less sheep to put in those pens.