Australia: Visiting Boyanup Saleyard

Animals’ Angels visit Boyanup saleyard. There are 70 cattle and 33 calves for sale. Some cattle arrived the night before. They are put into sale pens – standing on the concrete floor and remain there overnight. As in many yards, the floor of their pens has a layer of faeces and urine and if the animals want to lie down, they lay on it. There is talk and plans for a new facility but building has not started.

The calves are accepted for sale after 9am, and are held in pens under cover, which offers protection against wet weather but not always against the cold wind.

All cattle and calves appear fit to load and their handling is acceptable. A buyer arrives to collect his four calves and puts a coat on each one before they can be moved to the loading ramp. The coat gives the calves protection from the rain and cold wind and will remain on the calves he says for two months.