Australia: Visiting Camperdown Livestock Selling Centre

Animals’ Angels visit the Camperdown Livestock Selling Centre where approx. 600 cattle and 30 calves are for sale.

We observe a steer with a freshly broken horn: blood runs down the side of his face and the bloody tissue is hanging from the broken section of the horn. We also note 3 cattle with eye conditions, cows with very full udders who seemed very reluctant to move and when they did they looked very uncomfortable and a number of thin cows. Our assessment using the body condition guide suggests they have a score 3 which means although at risk the cows can still be transported. The Codes and Standards do not prohibit cows with udders full of milk that they are leaking to be sold at yards. In fact, there appears no mention at all of consideration for the cows’ comfort. We will raise this with authorities and industry.