Australia: Visiting Colac Saleyard

Animals’ Angels visit Colac Regional Saleyard where a number of cattle and dairy cows, 2 calves and 30 sheep are for sale. We observe some dairy calves are thin and their udders are leaking milk. The calves are fit to transport and all sheep except for one is fit to load. We raise the condition of the ewe with management and the selling agent who isn’t best pleased that we suggest she is lame meaning she is unable to bear weight on her left foreleg. The Govt District veterinarian is called and after seeing her, agrees that she is not fit to load. She is shot while we watch.

The bulls are in pens unable to lay down. For heavy animals, standing on their feet for some time unable to move is questionable. We will be including these and other points in the report to Government and industry.rnment and industry.