Australia: Visiting Cowra Saleyard – Scarce Shade for the Animals at 42 °C

[Translate to englisch:] Schafe in einem Pferch auf dem Saleyard in Gowra, Australien

Animals’ Angels visits the Cowra Saleyard for the first time. The day is very hot 42 °C and the sale of approximately 4.000 sheep is going ahead albeit an hour earlier than usual. Some pens are shaded by the branches of large trees, and this offers some protection from the searing heat. Sadly though, for many standing in the full sun, the density of the pen also contributes, we believe, to some animals open mouth panting. We will strongly suggest they consider a policy to cancel sales on hot days. Short of that, if they insist on have a sale, the facility should be improved to offer protection to all sheep and the pen density reduced. We will also be suggesting signage be erected to reflect the current legislative requirement that only animals fit for sale and transport be delivered to this facility.