Australia: Visiting Dublin Saleyard

Animals’ Angels return to Dublin saleyard where approx. 60-80 pigs and 13.000 sheep including 10.000 older lambs are for sale.

The handling of the pigs is not acceptable. Two men in separate incidents hit moving pigs to force them to walk faster.

Overcrowding of sheep is also an issue at this facility. This is usual practice in Australian saleyards where too many sheep are forced into a pen where they may even remain in these conditions overnight.

We also observe long uncut claws on sheep. If long claws are not attended to, their length may hinder the animals’ movement and cause pain. Again, long uncut claws are a nationwide problem.

With disregard for the prey behaviour of sheep that become anxious and stressed at being alone, a drover/driver is observed removing all but one sheep from a pen. The sheep runs around the pen looking for other sheep near to him, but they are in pens many meters away.