Australia: Visiting Mt Gambier Saleyard Before and at Sale day

Cattle in Pens at Saleyard in Australia

Animals’ Angels visits Mt Gambier saleyard the evening before the sale day. Cattle are arriving for the sale tomorrow. There are several sheep in soft floor holding pens with water in the troughs. We observe one ram in a receival pen without water.

We return the next day to check sheep and cattle who are for sale. There is approximately 450 cattle for sale and from our observations they appear to be fit to load. The sheep we noted the evening before remain in the holding pens. It seems these are in transit and not included in the sale.

There are just over 1000 sheep for sale, and we identify two who are not weight bearing. The new manager removes the two from the sale, and holds them overnight in a soft floor pen with water and feed, to see if they improve and let the PIRSA vet inspect them. Apparently they did improve.