Australia: Visiting Ouyen Saleyard

Animals’ Angels visits Ouyen Livestock Exchange where approx. 8.000 sheep are for sale.  This is 10.000 less sheep than our last visit.

The yard has appointed an Animal Welfare Officer to oversee activities by agents and drivers.  As far as we know this is the first yard to commit to this position and employing a person to fill it. His job is to check sheep for their fitness to offer for sale, to check pen densities, monitor drivers and handling and to ensure sheep who are ill, injured, diseased are either treated or euthanased without delay. We identify one sheep who is not fit to sell or transport. This sheep joins the other 9 in the isolation pen.

We observe a new born lamb and mum who have been separated which is acceptable. We do not observe unacceptable handling or extremely tight pens of sheep.