Australia: Visiting Pakenham Saleyard

Animals’ Angels visit Pakenham where 500 cows, 30 bulls and 76 calves are offered for sale. We document several cows have full udders and two are leaking milk. In our view, they appear uncomfortable when walking.

We note two bulls each with a condition that requires close assessment. One bull has a growth on his pizzle and the other has a very swollen pizzle. We call the regulating authority several times but no one is available. The facility manager is not present and so we endeavour to discuss the two bulls with the selling agents concerned.

Only one agent is willing to talk about the bull and his condition. We are told the facility does not have a firearm and there is no way to humanely kill the bull so one animal is withdrawn from sale and we find out he is sent directly to slaughter. The other bull was sold.

We will be submitting two complaints regarding these bulls.