Bulgaria: We Raise Pressure on the Authorities

Animal Market Bulgaria

For several years Animals' Angels and other animal welfare organisations have been drawing the attention of the Bulgarian authorities to the catastrophic conditions on the national animal markets. Sick, injured and too young animals are offered for sale, the animals are abused, they are kicked, beaten and the tail vertebrae of cattle are broken to drive them forward. Sheep, lambs and goats are lifted by the ears or tail or lie on the ground for hours with their legs tied together. Piglets and poultry are transported in sacks, while calves and sheep are tied together like parcels in the trunk of a car. Medieval methods are used to weigh animals, and while there is plenty of beer for market visitors everywhere, there is no water for the animals, not even in midsummer.

In November 2017, the highest Bulgarian veterinary authority presented a comprehensive plan to improve the situation. But nothing happened. That's why Animals' Angels now turned to the Bulgarian media to increase pressure on the authorities.