Bulgaria: Unspeakable Transports and Inconsiderate Handling of the Animals at Asenovgrad Market

Horse Transport in Bulgaria

Animals' Angels visits the animal market in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria We try to get an overview as soon as possible, because are unwanted here as well. As expected, we are quickly thrown out – this time under the worst of insults. The reason is clear: The animal markets in Bulgaria are far from complying with the legally prescribed animal protection standards.

Since we already expected to be thrown out, we are concentrating on departing animal transports. None of them comply with EU regulations. Especially serious is not the lack of modern standards, but the inconsiderate handling of the animals.

For example, we follow two vans on which horses and cattle are loaded. Both vehicles are completely closed, inside one of them it is completely dark, in the other one perhaps a little light falls through the darkened windows. There is no ventilation in either of them. In the meantime it has become warm, we measure 32.8 °C in the sun. The two transports drive to the parking lot of a restaurant where there is not even any shade. The vehicles are parked in the glaring sun while the drivers have lunch. At least they have opened the doors of the transporters a little bit, for a little air for the animals.

There is nothing else we can do but document. The drivers are not to be trifled with. Our next stop is Sofia, to confront the central authorities there with our findings.