Camel Transports: Jason und Filco

Animals‘ Angels follows a transport with two young camel babies on board: Jason and Filco. They have already been on this transport for four days. With their legs tied together, and at temperatures of on average 40 degrees on an open pick-up truck, they are brought from Salahah in South Oman to Al Ain in the United Arabian Emirates. There, at the famous camel market, they will be offered for slaughter.

Since we met them in the morning, Jason and Filco have been crying. Is it hunger? Do they cry for their mother? We don’t know. We try to alleviate their suffering and get warm camel milk for them. But after they have finished, they start crying again. It is heartbreaking to see. In the end, we can only hope their suffering will come to a quick end.

Both Oman and the United Arabian Emirates have modern animal welfare laws, but like in Europe – sadly – the international traded with anima babies is not prohibited.