Colombia: Taking Action for the Animals at Zipaquira market

Being with the animals, talking to the people, knocking on their hearts - this is how our colleague Diana describes her work at the market in Zipaquira in Colombia. Together with volunteer Ivan, she is a regular visitor to the cattle market in the northeast of Bogota.

Today, there are about 400 animals for sale. We see some calves, but most of the animals are destined for slaughter. Livestock trade and meat prices have fluctuated greatly in the region in recent weeks. As a result, we see fewer farmers as they use other markets where they get more for their animals.

At the market right now, we are mainly working to ensure that all animals are provided with water. We estimate that more than 60 % of the animals do not have access to water while at the market. In order to improve this and other important things, we continue to put pressure on the administration, the control bodies and the environmental police of Zipaquirá. Our goal is to improve the conditions for the animals together.