Colombia: Visiting Animal Markets at Zipaquirá, Chiquinquirá and Ubaté

Animals' Angels visits the animal markets in Zipaquirá, Chiquinquirá and Ubaté. We have already visited all three markets once or twice this year. We have identified similar, serious animal welfare problems at all markets:

  • Malnourished animals,
  • Animals that can't walk properly,
  • Animals with diseases, injuries or tumours of the skin, eyes or horns,
  • Cows with udder diseases,
  • Animals that can no longer stand due to exhaustion or illness,
  • Animals that are not fit for transport due to health reasons,
  • Animals with injuries caused by beatings or bad treatment.

Today we send our comprehensive report to the responsible authorities and the companies involved in the market operations. In addition, we are asking for a joint meeting to discuss the problems and find solutions. We hope that in this way we can make a difference for the animals at the markets.