Egypt: Chaotic Unloadings at Birqasgh Camel Market – our Team Intervenes

Together with the two young veterinarians Omar and Eslam, Animals' Angels is again at the camel market in Birqash near Cairo. The team spends the night at the market to document the arrival of camels after their long journey from Sudan and to monitor unloading.

During the night the atmosphere is tense: The workers are tired and resentful. Everyone wants to unload their animals as quickly as possible. Since there is not enough space at the loading ramps for all arriving vehicles, they simply throw the camels off the trucks. Only with a lot of patience and effort can Omar and Eslam convince them to wait and drive up the ramps one after the other.

After a hard and chaotic night, the sale of the camels starts in the morning. Until noon, the Animals' Angels team takes care of as many animals as possible, because many camels have suffered injuries during transport. Others were so badly injured during unloading that they need first aid.

For example, the camel bull Kwatar, who suffers from severe nosebleeds after being hit very badly. The camel Bladi has one leg trapped between the loading ramp and the transporter. The truck driver does nothing, just walks away. Ali, Omar and Eslam can finally free the animal and treat its injuries.

The work on the market is frustrating and we can hardly hope for support from the authorities. But we are sticking to it, and perhaps we can give an incentive to change.