Egypt: Fighting the Violence at Birqash Market – we Show the Workers how to Load the Camels Without Force

Workers Loading Camels at Birqash Market

Animals' Angels is with the camels at the market in Birqash, Egypt. The ongoing violence against the camels is one of the biggest problems here. Workers repeatedly beat the animals with large wooden sticks, especially during loading. Therefore, today we show the workers alternatives how to load the animals without beating them.

For this purpose we brought self-made tools: a stick with a flag, a stick with an attachment made of foam and one with a water bottle filled with stones. Some of the workers are open and want to try it out - others refuse. Nevertheless, by the end of the day we have convinced some of the workers of the new method and they want to use the tools again next time.

We realize that change at this market takes a lot of time. But we will continue until we make a difference. Now we are improving the tools and collecting more ideas. Next week we will be back with the camels.