Egypt: Government Wants to act Against Violence at Camel Market in Birqash

Representatives of the Egyptian government visit the camel market in Birqash near Cairo. Our two veterinarians Omar and Eslam learn that the government wants to take further measures to end the violence against the animals at the market. During the presence of the politicians the market seems to stand still. But as soon as they leave the premises, everything is back to normal.

Omar and Eslam stay with the animals until dawn the next day. They monitor the loading and unloading and care for the wounds of the injured animals. Some camels are killed at the market because they can no longer make their way to the slaughterhouse. Omar is desperate. He has the feeling that the camels scream in horror and ask him what sins they have to suffer for. The work at the camel market in Birqash is hard. And even if the government starts to act, it will be a long time before we see sustainable changes here. We wish Omar and Eslam a lot of strength and stamina and support them as much as possible.