Egypt: Our Vet-Team Treats the Wounded Camels at Birqash Animal Market

Our veterinarian team is again at the camel market in Birqash near Cairo, Egypt. There they help the camels arriving at the market after weeks of transport from Sudan.

In the early morning hours there is a lot going on, camel transports arrive and depart. Our two veterinarians - Omar and Eslam - supervise the unloading. It is horrible: The completely exhausted animals are beaten bloody. Omar and Eslam intervene wherever they can and talk to the workers.

The case of camel Wahid is particularly cruel. The camel bull is so weak and exhausted after the long transport that he cannot get up to walk from the truck. Omar and Eslam jump onto the vehicle to help him and see if they can treat him. But the workers have no time and no patience with Wahid, Omar and Eslam. Without further ado, they kill Wahid so that the unloading of the transport can continue quickly.

When the unloading is over, our team treats the camels that have been injured during transport or unloading. Galal, is one of many. He has injuries on his face and is bleeding heavily from his mouth. As our team is treating camel Galal, a man named Othman comes to their aid. He volunteers and accompanies our team throughout the morning.

Before they leave the market, Omar and Eslam gather some workers and camel traders around them to talk to them about how to handle the animals properly. They emphasize that religion forbids bad treatment and beating of animals and hope to reach people during the month of fasting. Despite the terrible events on this market day, after the small gathering, they feel they have sown a seed of compassion for the animals in some of the workers.

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