Egypt: Our Veterinarians Help Camel Said at the Market in Birqash

Our vet team, Omar and Eslam, is at the camel market in Birqash near Cairo. They have been treating injured camels since the early morning hours. Today there is a lot going on at the market, and with incredible patience the two do educational work all day long.

In order to monitor unloading, they stay with the camels at the market all night. On one of the arriving transports is the camel Said. Said is particularly thin and weakened by the long journey. Omar and Eslam rush over when they see the workers beating the completely exhausted animal. Since he does not get up despite the massive beating, the trader wants to cut Said's throat on the truck. Omar and Eslam can convince him that Said will get up on his own if he is simply left alone. And so it is: after a while Said can get up and be unloaded. Omar and Eslam take care of him and his wounds.

But there are also positive developments at the market. Recently, two official veterinarians are present. Unfortunately, Omar and Eslam could not observe that the officials interfere in any way with the market activities. But Eslam is confident. He wants to work towards having the veterinarians carry out checks together with them.