Egypt: Our Veterinarians Monitor Loading Procedures and Provide First aid at Birqash Camel Market

Our Egyptian vet team is at the camel market in Birqash near Cairo. Today only a few camels arrive. Allegedly due to a temporary import ban imposed by the government.

Omar and Eslam control the loading and unloading of some camels and give first aid to the wounded. They then give water to the camels, some of whom have been on the road for weeks. The animals are very exhausted and some can hardly get up.

The two spend the night at the market and find out that instead of the camels many transports with cattle arrive today. They also control their unloading, which fortunately takes place quietly and without beatings or violence.

But then a group of eight camels is to be loaded – Zika is one of them. A worker hits her hard on the head and she immediately starts bleeding heavily. Omar and Eslam turn to the worker, who reacts aggressively. But Eslam succeeds in calming the situation and making him listen. Meanwhile Omar takes care of Zika's wound.

In the new year Animals' Angels will once again be talking to the relevant veterinary authorities in Cairo to ask them once again for their active support for the camels at the market.