Egypt: Our Vets Talk to the Traders and Provide the Camels with Food and Water

The Animals’ Angels’ veterinary team, Omar and Eslam are back at Birqash market near Cairo to be there with the camels. The market is not as crowded as last time, before the Muslim Feast of Eid-el-Kabir. There are fewer camels and less transports. This situation allows the team to speak with the traders in a calmer environment.

With great patience, they try to convince people to be more friendly to the camels, as the main problem at the market remains the brutal handling. The temperature reaches 40 °C. Our team provides as many camels as possible with water and fresh food. Moreover, they take care of injured and exhausted animals.

The young camel Wahid received many violent blows onto his head. Workers try to load him onto a small pickup with other camels. But Wahid is very weak and breathing with difficulty. Omar and Eslam insist and finally, they can stop the loading. But their help comes too late. Wahid collapses and cannot get up again. He is slaughtered on the spot. Omar and Eslam are frustrated, but, fortunately, at the market, there are other people who are open and friendly, and ask our team for advice and help. This means a lot to the two veterinarians and helps them not to lose hope.

Omar and Eslam are planning to visit the market as often as possible in September to help the camels, especially because the temperatures are going to be high during the next weeks.