Egypt: Small Steps Forward Show That There is Hope for Change for the Camels

Our veterinarians Omar and Eslam spend two days with the camels at the market in Birqash and to sensitise the workers and owners.

The first day it is very hot. Omar and Eslam start their work by providing as many camels as possible with water and food. They also dedicate the day to sensitize the people at the market. The team forms small groups of people in order to have more time for discussions and more direct influence. They distribute training material and talk to as many workers and of course to the children, who are an integral part of the market.

On the second day Omar and Eslam take care of the exhausted and injured animals. Our team notices that some of the workers have changed their behavior, which is especially noticeable during the loading and unloading. These small improvements mean that there is hope for change.

In the coming weeks, Omar and Eslam will be back at the market to see what effect their presence has on the way the workers treat the animals – and of course to be with the camels.