Egypt: The traders and Workers at Birqash Market are Slowly Starting to Trust our new Team

Camel Market Birqash

Our two young vets are back at the camel market in Birqash. Recently we started a big survey among the traders and workers - this is now paying off: Through the many conversations and our interest in their problems and needs, they are slowly gaining trust in our new team on the ground.

Due to the extreme violence against the animals in this market, dealing with the people here is a very big challenge. There are no animal welfare laws in Egypt and we cannot count on the support of the authorities. That is why it is so important that the workers and traders listen to our team and trust them.

But also today the positive impressions are overshadowed by a bad event: A big camel transport is unloaded. Out of convenience, the workers do not use the loading ramps, but simply push the animals off the truck. This is especially bad for the animals because they were tied up during the whole transport and had to sit for many hours. Afterwards, they can only get up slowly. Jumping off the truck is then particularly difficult for them.

Shaqi the camel can't get up after falling off the truck. But no one takes care of him. The other camels just fall on top of him. Our team goes in between and tries to help Shaqi. He is very weakened and it is unclear whether he can recover from the stress of the transport.