Egypt: The Violence Towards the Camels Continues – but our Vets on Site Don't Give up

Our Egyptian veterinarian team is again at the camel market in Birqash. Recently, the government took the first steps to address the devastating violence against animals at the market with spectacular arrests and an information campaign. Unfortunately, however, the Egyptian authorities have not continued the work on-site and Omar and Eslam are once again witnessing the brutal treatment of the animals these days.

The first transports arrive at dawn and unloading begins. The workers use the same violent methods as before. Again, our two young veterinarians speak to the traders and workers with great patience. But with the huge number of trucks and animals, they can't be everywhere. Again many animals are seriously injured. The camel Sulaiman receives so many blows to his face that he loses an eye. Tahir is badly injured on a hind leg and when Omar and Eslam want to help him, the buyer does not allow it. Unfortunately these are only two examples of many...

At noon the temperatures rise to over 36 °C. Omar and Eslam work tirelessly, disinfecting and treating wounds and watering and feeding the exhausted camels.

We will continue to urge the Egyptian authorities for support, but we know it will be a long and difficult road. That is why Omar and Eslam are visiting the Imam of the local mosque in the afternoon and ask him to address the importance of good animal care in his speeches.

"It's hard to make improvements without the backing of the authorities at the market, but we still believe we can gradually achieve something for the animals," says Omar. We thank the two young veterinarians for their courage and perseverance and hope that both will last long.