Egypt: Third Day at Birqash Camel Market

For the third day, Animals’ Angels visits Birqash market in Egypt to be there with the camels. Contrary to yesterday, there are much less animals and traders at the premise and thus the atmosphere is a lot quieter. But not for long: We spot a small pick-up truck on which camels are being loaded. One of them, Osahar, screams desperately.

We are puzzled that the men do not use the nearby ramp but instead just heave the animals onto the truck bed. An enormous and unnecessary exertion for all of them. But the young men seem to enjoy measuring their strength. Osahar does not understand what is happening and where he is supposed to go. He is being rudely grabbed at his nostrils, pulled at his tail, and relentlessly pushed onto the much too small truck bed to his four companions. The truck drives off the premise. Squeezedly packed, the camels have to endure the ride until the place of destination.

Nearby, we spot two other transports being loaded. Sadly, the procedure is the same: Camel Jahi is afraid and refuses to enter the truck. He tries to escape and falls backwards off the ramp. Despite the loading bed being already full, Jahi and Zuberi are being pressed in and have to endure in this condition for the whole journey.

We want to know where the trucks are going to and decide to follow. After 45 minutes, they stop at a stable, a fattening farm as we are informed. From a distance, we spot a herd of cattle. We are shocked to see that even here there is no suitable ramp for unloading the animals.