Egypt: Tow-Day Workshop for Veterinarians and Veterinary Students

Animal Welfare Workshop Egypt

Animals' Angels is back with the animals in Egypt. These days we are organizing an animal welfare workshop for veterinarians and students. During the two days, Prof. Dr. Barbara Padalino and Dr. Alexander Rabitsch will talk about the basics of animal welfare, the role of veterinarians and the basic needs of camels. Also the correct handling of animals is dealt with intensively and with practical exercises with horses the participants can directly put into practice what they have learned.

We are pleased about the lively interest of the participants, about many inquiries and the active cooperation. After the two days one thing is clear: this should not be the first and last workshop of this kind. We want to establish regular workshops in Egypt. We are especially pleased about the participation of two young female veterinarians as well as the head and founder of the organization Egypt Equine Aid. We would like to thank Dr. Mohamed Derbala from the Derbala Equine Clinic for his kind support, without him this workshop would not have been possible - in order to achieve something for the animals in Egypt, we need not only the veterinarians, but also allies on the ground.