Egypt: Two Soon-to-be Veterinarians Helping the Camels at Birqash Market

On behalf of Animals' Angels, the soon-to-be veterinarians Omar and Eslam visit the camel market in Birqash near Cairo to help the animals there. It is the first time they visit the market on their own.

When they arrive, it is relatively quiet. They have time to take a close look at the animals and talk to the owners. They explain to them how important it is to handle the animals well and show them how they can treat their wounds. The encounter with Otman is particularly touching: The camel has a head wound and a back injury. The owner promises to treat the wounds according to their explanations.

When Omar and Eslam are informed that many transports from Sudan will arrive at at 1:00 in the night, they do not hesitate and decide to stay the night at the market. In fact that night, one transport comes after another.

Unloading is accompanied by brutal violence: the workers beat the exhausted animals, on the nose, eyes, neck and legs. Many beatings end in bloodshed. Ibrahim, Martin, Jamil and Nada are no longer able to stand. The four camels collapse under the blows and lose consciousness. They are slaughtered on the spot. Omar and Eslam remain with the camels all night long. Time and again they intervene to ward off blows, talk to the traders, explain to them how unloading can work without violence and take care of the wounded camels.

Only at noon the next day do they leave the market, sad and exhausted. But they do not want to give up hope that one day the situation in Birqash will improve.