Egypt: Violence During Unloadings in Birqash – our Vets Intervene Wherever They can

The veterinary team of Animals' Angels is at the market in Birqash near Cairo. When they learn that many camel transports from Sudan are scheduled to arrive at two in the morning, they decide to stay at the market through the night to monitor the unloading of the newly arriving camels.

As always, they encounter many problems. The unloadings are accompanied by much violence. Omar and Eslam intervene wherever they can. With iron will, they try to convince the workers to be more respectful and cautious with the camels. But again, they witness severe cruelty:

The camel cow Aifa is very exhausted and cannot get up. Due to many, violent blows, she loses consciousness. She is slaughtered on the spot because she cannot make the way to the slaughterhouse, as some workers explain to our team.

The work at the camel market in Birqash is extremely hard. Omar and Eslam leave the market very exhausted, but without losing heart. They plan to visit the market again next week and stay all night again to talk to the workers and traders again and show them that unloading is possible without violence.