Egypt: We are With the Camels and Raise Awareness Among the Workers and Traders

Loading of a Camel at Birqash Market near Cairo

Animals' Angels is with the camels at the market in Birqash near Cairo. The situation is once again very difficult: the stress and tension among animals and people are clearly noticeable. Today we want to continue to raise awareness among the traders and workers and of course be with the camels.

One of the many problems is the infrastructure of the market: the workers and traders are always in a hurry. They unload and load the camels everywhere without using the available ramps. A group of workers is trying to load Tamim, a young camel, into a small pickup truck without a ramp. They drag him onto the vehicle with a rope around his neck and nose. Poor Tamim can no longer breathe - our team intervenes immediately. With a lot of patience we can convince the workers to stop this cruelty. And in the end, the loading works out without any violence at all.

Tamim is just one of many examples of the situation the camels are exposed to at this market. It is also difficult for us here - but we are convinced that change is possible. Finally we are able to establish a permanent team on the market again: The two young vets Hussein and Mohammed, who will now be with the camels in Birqash on a regular basis.