Egypt: We Continue our Survey Among the Workers and Traders at Birqash Camel Market

Camels at Birqash Market, Egypt

Animals' Angels is with the camels in Egypt at the market in Birqash near Cairo. Today there is less activity, only a few animals are loaded and transported. Instead, the workers are busy cleaning the stalls and watering troughs and feeding the camels.

Our work here at this market is anything but easy. It is very difficult to convince the workers to treat the animals better. Together with our new team on site, we are continuing today with our survey of the animal keepers. This is how we want to gain their trust. We want to touch their hearts and thus change their behavior towards the camels. For many of them the camels are just a source of income, for others their protection simply does not matter. On the other hand, we meet people that are aware of the cruel situation of the camels stating that the infrastructures of the market and the support from the authorities is a key piece missing.

The conversations make us realize once again that working at this market will be a big challenge and a long road. But we are not losing hope. Our team on the ground continues – until something finally changes.