Egypt: We Show the Workers at Birqash Market how to Load the Camels Without Violence

Workers and Camels at Camel Market in Birqash

Animals' Angles is back with the camels at the market in Birqash near Cairo. For our visit we have again prepared and improved our self-made tools (driving aids with foam cover or with rattling bottles full of stones). With them we want to show the workers how to move and load the camels at the market without violence.

Today the market is very busy. It is chaotic, there are camels and people everywhere. Many of the camels have bloody noses and eyes again. The workers and traders are everywhere with their batons – we also see children beating the animals. The workers are very busy and have no time to talk to our team. But with the children we have more luck and can talk to some of them.

Even though it is not an easy task, we want to convince the people at the market to use the tools we have brought with us. This way the suffering of the camels here could be alleviated significantly. The workers are quite open and curious. But it is difficult to estimate whether and how they would use our driving aids permanently in everyday life.

We stay on it and do not give up! We will continue to improve our tools and to persuade them – because it is possible without violence.