Egypt: With new Support - Finally Back in Action for the Camels at Birqash Market

Finally, our Egyptian team is back with the camels at the market in Birqash near Cairo. After the tragic death of our colleague Omar in April, Eslam has found new, energetic support: the young veterinary student Abdorrahman.

The market is bustling with activity when the two arrive. Stress and tension are clearly noticeable. The workers herd the camels onto the vehicles without using the loading ramps and mindlessly beat the animals, who have no idea what is being asked of them. Eslam and Abdorrahman try to convince the workers to use the ramps. But at the same time they have to take care of many injured camels.

Once again, the two witness cold-hearted brutality. The camel Yahya is lying on the ground, a worker beats the animal to force it to get up. Eslam tries to intervene, but the workers ignore him. They attach a rope to Yahya's hind legs and drag him onto the vehicle with the help of another truck. Yahya screams continuously during this cruel process. Eslam is shocked and frustrated. "After a few weeks of not visiting the market, the workers already don't listen to us like they used to," Eslam says. That's why he plans to be back at the market next week.

We are grateful for his great commitment and perseverance. At the same time, it is absolutely time for the Egyptian government to take action and finally stop the violence in the market.