Egypt: With new Supporters – Taking Action for the Camels at Birqash Market

Animals' Angels is with the camels at the market in Birqash – one of the largest in Egypt. Most of the animals come from Sudan and have undergone an extremely long and arduous transport. They have been transported across the country on trucks. For days they are on the road, crammed in and with their legs tied together - like lifeless packages.

Once they arrive at the market, the starved and thirsty animals are met above all with beatings, blows and kicks. The lack of empathy towards them leaves us stunned every time. There is total chaos at the market: men and also children drive the camels with batons completely uncoordinated over the market area. The animals do not know at all where to go and try to escape the situation in panic. The only language of the workers in dealing with the animals is violence - bloody noses and eyes are unfortunately the order of the day. Trading goes on like mad, many of the camels already have their entire bodies sprayed with markings from the buyers. When they are finally sold, their ordeal continues: most camels are transported to the slaughterhouse in pick-ups or small vans. The loadings are atrocious: the camels are pushed onto the vehicles and beaten. There is a lack of suitable loading ramps and space. It is not uncommon for three camels to be squeezed onto the bed of a small pickup truck.

In between all the brutality, we have been trying to set an example for some time. With young veterinarians from Egypt we want to educate the local people and help the camels. That this way will be very long and stony, we knew from the beginning. The sudden death of our Egyptian team member Omar was also a tragic loss - not only for us, but also for the camels at the market.

But today there is finally hope for them again: For the first time, the young and dedicated veterinary students Hussein and Abdelrahman join us at the market, together with our team member and veterinarian Eslam. They are motivated to continue their work for the camels on site. We will now spend the next time working intensively on a project plan with the new team and try out new ideas to change something for the better for the camels in Birqash step by step.