Egypt: Workers listen to us and use straw as bedding material

The Animals' Angels team is at the camel market in Birqash near Cairo. Today, once more their objective is to sensitize and educate the traders and workers and of course to be there with the camels.

During the last visits, they tackled the problem that no bedding material is used inside the transport vehicles. This is especially awkward for the camels as they are forced to sit down during transport. Today, Omar and Eslam notice that some drivers made a change and start using bedding material. Our team is very happy to see this small improvement and to realize that the workers listen to them.

Therefore, also this time, they buy straw and distribute it onto the vehicles with the help of some drivers. They also buy rope, and, with great patience, they show the workers how to make halters out of it. The idea is to load the camels easier and without using violence. As expected, many workers refuse the idea, but our team is confident that with the time, they will also accept this change.

The Animals’ Angels team provides the camels with food and water and takes care of the injured animals who just arrived at the market. They want to be back at the market next week to see if the little improvements are maintained.