EU Animal Transports: Pigs Transported in Heat from Denmark to Greece

Pig Transport EU

A team of Animals' Angels is on duty at the border between Bulgaria and Greece. The thermometer shows 33 °C as a transport of animals with Danish piglets crosses the border. We can only briefly check on the animals, as the border control does not take long.

Almost all piglets are sleeping on a thin layer of dirty bedding. They are lying close to each other. We decide to accompany the transport to be with Oscar, Oliver, Karl and the other piglets. After half an hour, the transport stops at a checkpoint and unloads the animals there to rest and eat for at least 24 hours.

We can't figure out where the piglets are being transported to. But once again we are shocked at how many countries the young animals have already had to cross. At least they can now rest before the transport continues. Nevertheless, the authorities must finally show responsibility: No more animal transports over long distances in hot weather! The danger for the animals is too great. We will gather more information about this transport and deal with the authorities.