EU Animal Welfare Conference: High Hopes Rest on EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides

EU Animal Welfare Conference

Animals' Angels thanks the EU Commission for organizing the important and insightful conference 'EU Animal Welfare Today and Tomorrow' on December 9 and inviting us to participate in the panel discussion on animal transport.

The words of EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides at the beginning of the conference give hope. She is aiming for real change in animal welfare in the EU. But during the panel discussion on animal transport, it becomes clear that opinions remain divided. For many, meat transports are not an alternative to live animal transports, and opinions also differ on exports to countries outside the EU. Representatives of the agricultural industry and the member states are of the opinion that the serious animal welfare problems can be solved by stricter regulations and controls. But we say: this is not the case. We must no longer tinker with symptoms. The export of live animals must be stopped!