EU Live Exports: Long Waiting Times, Exhaustion, Hunger and Thirst for Animals During Transport

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A team of Animals‘ Angels is at customs in Ankara, Turkey. In the past, we observed many animal transports waiting here for hours for their customs papers. And indeed, also today there is a cattle transport waiting which we have spotted two days passing the Bulgarian-Turkish border. This means that the animals have been on board or 46 hours. They are exhausted, lying in their own excrements. They are hungry and thirsty, but the water tank is empty.

There are water taps at customs, but they are not for free. Thus, we pay for it and help the driver water the animals. But the hose does not fit properly to the tap. The driver has to prune it a little and then hold on to it while we fill the water trough, going along putting it in every compartment. At least we can bring the animals some relief.

But this isn’t all. We document all violations for a comprehensive complaint to the competent authorities.