EU Live Exports: No Veterinay Care for Injured Animals During Transport

With two teams, Animals‘ Angels inspects animal transport at the Bulgarian-Turkish border. We watch a transport unloading animals at supply post on the Turkish side. Amidst 51 bulls we spot two injured ones. When we see that these animals are again loaded without being checked by a veterinarian, we decide to follow the truck.

The journey takes 16 hours. During every stop we check on Adnan, Dagcan and the other bulls. At destination, we explain to the owner that both bulls are injured. Adnan has been lying on the floor for 16 without moving. Before we can intervene, a stable worker pesters him with an electric prod. As if he hasn’t been suffering enough. Using his last strength, he limps out of the vehicle. Over and over we explain that Adnan and Dagcan need to be treated by a veterinarian, and our persistence pays off: finally, a veterinarian arrives, after more than an hour. But he does nothing but recommending that Adnan and Dagcan should be slaughtered.

We file a complaint to the competent authorities.