EU Live Exports: We Continue to put Pressure on Politicians and Authorities - EU-Wide!

Animal transports to Central Asia are irresponsible

Animals' Angels has compiled a comprehensive policy brief about export transports of animals to non-EU countries and sent it to the competent authorities in Germany and at EU level.

Our policy brief contains examples of our recent investigations along export routes and in importing countries outside the EU. Once again, we show why these export transports have to be banned immediately: they do not only violate EU law, but also cause enormous suffering for the animals. There are no animal welfare guarantees for them in the destination countries either.

In the last few days, we have sent our policy brief to all German veterinary authorities, to all the competent ministries of the German federal states and to Federal Minister Klöckner. Now we have extended our mailing at EU level: to all EU Ministers of Agriculture, Chief Veterinary Officers and to the EU Commission. Our demand is clear: these reckless exports must finally stop EU-wide!

The current developments from German federal states North-Rhine Westfalia and Lower Saxony show that our efforts are not in vain! We will continue – also on EU-level.