EU transports: Calves close together on a transport to Italy

Close to the French-Italian border, ANDA and Animals' Angels control a truck with young cattle being transported from France to Italy. The loading density seems far too high. The animals stand close together, body to body pressed against each other. The standing calves stand above the lying ones. The risk of injury is high. Fortunately, it is not too warm today, because we do not see a drinking system in the vehicle. The Italian driver seeks excuses stating that is not possible to see the drinkers from the outside. We will contact the responsible veterinary office in Italy because we suspect that the vehicle is not even approved for long distance transports. We especially remember Jeanette from this transport. Jeanette lies squashed against the wall; another calf stands half above her. Fear and horror are reflected in Jeanette's eyes. We wish we could have done something to change her fate.