February 2014 | Calf Adotion Programme at Simhachalam Temple

In April 2013 Animals’ Angels together with our local partner VSPCA achieved a major step for the animals in Andhra Pradesh: a state wide ban has been established for donating calves to temples [more].

Since then our team has been on the road every week to visit villages and spread the news of the ban. As a result less and less calves have been donated at the temples. To deal with the calves that are still arriving, the CRPI has introduced an adoption programme. Donated calves can be adopted by families who cannot afford their own cattle. In return they have to sign an agreement to keep and care for the calf his lifetime and never to sell him to a slaughterhouse. This is checked with random inspections by our team.

Animals’ Angels and our partner VSPCA are still working hard to end all donations of calves. Meanwhile the adoption programme enables us to guarantee the calves a place where they are looked after and cared for.