France: Stressful Loading and Unnecessary Waiting Times for Young Horses at the Market in Maurs

Stressful loadings, hours of waiting for the animals on the vehicles: At the horse market in Maurs in France, we document gross negligence on the part of the transporters and market veterinarians during our latest visit.

At the market, a French horse transport attracts our attention. The drivers are transporting young horses (that have not yet been 'broken') in groups that are too large. Legally allowed are four animals, but we observed up to eight per group. We see this forbidden practice quite often. The loading of the animals takes a long time and is very stressful. Then, unnecessarily, they have to wait on the vehicle for several hours until departure. The veterinarians at the market do not intervene. The driver takes a break in a restaurant shortly before reaching his destination - with the animals on board. In the end, a journey of just 60 km takes them a total of five hours.

This negligence is a clear violation of the EU transport regulation. Béatrice, Carla, Auriane, Anouk and the other horses on this transport were caused additional and unnecessary suffering. Our team will immediately contact the relevant veterinary authorities with its evidence.