From Spain to Italy – Pigs Suffer From Heat on Crowded Truck

A team from Animals' Angels is on its way to our observation site in Spain. It is already 34 °C. Still in France we spot an animal transport with pigs on the opposite lane.

We decide to turn at the next exit and follow him. We cannot believe that pigs are being transported in this heat. Pigs cannot sweat properly. They try to fight the heat with fast breathing. But that is not enough, especially not in the confines of an animal transport.

We catch up with the truck and look at the animals at the next possible opportunity. Our fear is confirmed: the pigs are not doing well. They lie exhausted on the ground, in close physical contact. Many breathe heavily, some have their mouths open. How many degrees does it have inside the truck? No information. The driver only wants to tell the authorities. After our experience with the police last night, however, we have no hope that the authorities will be able to help the pigs.

And so we have to watch powerlessly as the Spanish pigs Cecilia and Carla are transported to a slaughterhouse in southern Italy. When will these transports finally end?