Germany: 'Broiler' Chickens Transported in Heat – up to 34 °C in the Shade

Chicken Being Transported During Heat in Germany

In northern Germany, Animals' Angels is following an animal transport with 'broiler' chickens that are transported to a slaughterhouse at the hottest time of day. Since the truck does not stop on the way, we unfortunately cannot see the animals up close. We only see their silhouettes: The white bodies, often too heavy due to the 'turbo fattening' to be carried by their own feet. But they couldn't even stand in the transport cages – the cage height is too low for that. We can only guess how the animals must feel, especially in this heat.

The chickens are transported at up to 34 °C (in the shade)! At these temperatures the transport should not have taken place or should have been postponed to the cool evening, night or morning hours. We report the transport to the responsible veterinary office. In contrast to animal transports over eight hours – during which 30 °C inside the vehicle must not be exceeded – there are unfortunately still no legal temperature requirements for shorter transports like this one. We are working in Germany and the EU to change this.